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Despite the popularity surge in sewing amongst younger women, local fabric shops were not keeping up with the times.

Outdated, geared towards an older generation and upholstery hobbyists, Sewisfaction’s fresh approach has shaken up the market.

Focused on providing high quality, modern products with insightful sewing advice, Sewisfaction has become a fast growing community of expertise through the website, social media and workshops.

From day 1 the e-commerce website has been delivering results



unique visits every month


returning visitors since launch


average orders per month

“Eloise completely understood our vision from the beginning, she listened to what we needed, made helpful suggestions and managed expectations at all times...She delivered a website with logo and branding better than we could've hoped.”

Sheona McMahon, Owner & Founder

The Project

What started as an idea & brief phone call, became a lively brand and e-commerce website within 2 months.

Pinterest was used to collaborate on initial ideas and the collection of colours and patterns inspired me to keep the website simple and spacious to let the fabric stand out.

Sheona now works on Sewisfaction full time and launched a bricks and mortar store in Wokingham after 4 months of the site launch.

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