“You must hate Wix!?” – I get asked this a lot but the truth is, no, I don’t hate Wix. Or Weebly, or Squarespace or any other website DIY builder. Why? Because they have their place…

If you’re just starting out in business than a website builder is probably the best option for you to use right now. It’s low cost, you can do it yourself and you could have a website up and running in minutes.

As a new entrepreneur the most important thing is to get out there, find your feet, find your voice, start building up a following of raving fans etc. A website is a dynamic entity that’s always changing, so don’t worry about it being 100% perfect right away.

Unless you’ve got solid business foundations in place, most start ups don’t need a professional website right away.

For those of you who have been in biz a little while now (I’m talking 1-2 years onwards), you may find that DIY website just isn’t cutting it anymore and needs more TLC.

It might be time to make the switch from website builder to hiring professional. Here’s a few signs that indicate you’re ready to pro:

You know what you want

When you first start out in business, you have to get your foundations in order, such as knowing what products and service to sell, and the right target market. These can change rapidly when you first start out (I know mine did), and usually your website will change over and over as your business changes.

But after a while you get a feel for what works and work out what’s right for you. Sometimes I’ve had to turn start ups away because they had no idea what they wanted. It makes sense for them to grab something cheap like Wix to start off with and have something they can mould quickly.

I work with people who know what they want, who they want to target and what goals they want to reach. They’ve now got a pretty good idea of what they want from their website, so it makes sense for them to invest in a website at this point.

You no longer want to work on it


As great as site builders can be when you’re just starting out, you will have to invest time. Every great femtrepreneur will get that the point when they know that trading money to get more time is the smart thing to do.

It’s a lot of faff doing something you find boring, frustrating and time consuming. Outsource to the professionals to take care of your site and get on with the fun stuff you wanna do – that’s why you set up your business right?

One of my clients did just that and got more hours back in her day:

“I’ve saved myself months worth of time working with Eloise. No longer am I faffing about trying to put my website together with Weebly. I love my website so much, it looks amazing…”

Ruth, My Yoga Club

You want to look and feel at your best

You’ve got your marketing right, your branding looks good and your message is clear. But despite doing everything right, the website is letting you down. You’ve got all that traffic leading to your site but not getting the leads and sales you expected – what gives?!

It could be that your site is looking a little lacklustre and not inspiring anyone. A new, professional web design can really ‘WOW’ your audience, and have them falling in love so fast they’ll wanna buy from you instantly.

I’ve also worked with clients who’s new website has given them the confidence to market their business. They’re no longer embarrassed by their outdated website and wanna put their sparky, new site in front of everyones eyes!

Some of my clients have even raised their prices and won higher paying clients with their new website! It’s easier to charge more if you look expensive and a glossy website does just that :)

You want something specific

Your current website is okay. But it’s not amazing either. You’ve worked so hard to make your business what it is today and feel let down by your ‘meh’ website.

You want something special, something no one else has and something that reflects your business in the best light. Templates and website builders just won’t cut it anymore.

When you do use pre-existing website templates, you squeeze your business into something ready made and mould it to fit the website. With a professional web designer, your website is built around your business to fit the needs of you – so no more stuffing your glittery, star shaped biz into a dull square box!

You’re looking at long term SEO strategies

Site builders like Wix and SquareSpace do have SEO options, and you can boost SEO but not as effectively with a custom built site. There’s a lot of code that can’t be streamlined as generic themes cater to many types of businesses. There’s also lots of extras a dev can do with a custom site to give you that extra boost.

“The issue is that for more advanced marketing and SEO, platforms like Wix are just not compatible. Wix has a bad rap in the SEO community, and they have certainly stepped up their game in the past few years. While they’re better than they once were, there are still quite a few reasons why Wix isn’t good for SEO.”

https://www.hilborndigital.com/wix-isnt-good-seo/ – Google Partner

You want extra support to hand

Now don’t get me wrong, most website builders come with great support. BUT I’m talking about a next-level-kinda-deal support.

When you hire a professional, you often get:

Ready to make the switch?

Okay, so I got you pumped! You’re ready to ditch WIX and hire that rockstar designer you’ve been stalking on Instagram for far too long – what now?

It all starts with a conversation. Ask to book in a call or meeting and have a chat with a professional web designer about your options. And if you like what you’re hearing then you can book in a call with me here!