Exciting times! You’ve launched your latest website and it looks great. But what about under the hood? Is it up to date? Is it running smoothly? This isn’t something you can always see from the front end of the website and so routine maintenance often gets forgotten or ignored.

Why you need website maintenance

A website needs continuous care to ensure it lives a long and happy life. In this article, I’ve explained 3 simple reasons why maintenance is important:

Prevents break down

The first, most obvious benefit to maintenance is it reduces the chances of errors and bugs popping up. Thing is, this will always happen, especially as time goes on but regular maintenance will ensure everything under the hood is running smoothly.

The car analogy is really good here. Cars will always have problems. They need servicing, oil, water and screen wash, good tires etc and when these checks are carried out regularly, the chances of breakdown are reduced. If left completely, it could cause a more serious problem.

Ensures longevity

In most cases, websites undergo a full re-design and build, only to be left by the wayside until it needs to be changed again. By making small, incremental changes over time, you’ll keep your website up to date much longer (proactive) instead of forking out for a new one every 2 years (reactive).

Google loves it

Google crawls through the websites on the internet, and when you update your website regularly, you give Google a reason to come back and check in your website regularly.

Google prefers up-to-date websites and if it knows its visiting your website frequently for changes, it’s more likely to position you higher in the search engine results over a static competitor.

This is Eloise’s Maintenance plans

What website maintenance includes:

Typically, maintenance includes the updating of a website to keep it secure and free from errors and spam.

My maintenance plans are catered specially for WordPress. The WordPress core will be updated as well as all your plugins. Any spam comments will be deleted and your database will be optimised to ensure your website isn’t being weighed down by unnecessary files.

All this will keep your website running smoothly and ticking along without you needing to worry. Optional extras like keyword tracking for SEO and uptime monitoring are also available for added peace of mind.

How much is website maintenance?

Maintenance plans can vary widely, but with most things in life, you get what you pay for. My plans range from £60 to £120 per month depending on the level of support you need. To see each plan in more detail, check out my maintenance plans here.