Brief Me

Website Services

Good design is about more than fonts, colours and moving things about on a screen. Good design is love at first sight.

It shows off the good, and doesn’t need to say “look at me”. Good design can be so flipping good you don’t notice it. (You definitely notice bad design; believe me.)

Good design will make your customers fall in love with your products and services. It will make your customers feel at ease with your product and brand, make them trust your business and effortlessly move them onto your call to action.

Good Design, Good Support

I do more than build and design websites. I look after the hosting and domain admin that goes with setting up a new website. I teach you to tweak and edit your website yourself; handy for when you’re ready to change your prices or add a new product line.

Predictable (In a Good Way)

WordPress is brilliantly predictable. That’s why I love it, and why you’ll love it too. It’s flexible, easy for non-techies to edit and has some very practical features. For example, its isolated “development area” means I never have to make changes to a live site. So you’re in control of when your new website goes live. Which is the kind of predictable we all like, isn’t it?

Especially For You…

You’re not generic. Neither is your business. So why would you choose a generic template for your website? Work with me and I’ll build your website click by click for something you won’t see anywhere else. Here are a few I did earlier.

Fully Responsive Design

Your beautiful new website will work on any device and browser. I make it my business to be certain. Mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop? No problem. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer? Sorted.

Fast Loading, Secure & GDPR Compliant as Standard

Otherwise frankly, why would you bother?