Well that was embarrassing. I’m a web designer and developer, and for a while I had nothing on my website. It was like 3 bare pages! Not even a contact page :O Talk about tumbleweed.

Now I won’t lie, since starting my business this year, I’ve been incredibly lucky. I’ve had lots of website requests and it’s that old adage of “I’ve been so busy working on my clients sites, I haven’t worked on mine”. We all get that. But it was getting to that “please don’t look at and judge me on my website” point. What a ridiculous thing to say! It’s a website, that’s what it’s meant to do. It’s there for the judging!

Thing is as a website designer this is incredibly embarrassing. This is precisely the situation I want my clients – and hell, any one with a website to avoid. But there I was completely bare like a new born baby (fitting for a new business I guess).

As my business grew, my value increased and I found my place in the market. With so many ‘okay’ websites out there I want to help other business owners get their site to the next level. Once I established my message, I knew my mediocre website wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Thankfully that’s now in the past and I’m super happy with my new site. But just between you and me – it’s still not finished…

An Artist’s Work is Never Done

As a creative I’m constantly buzzing with ideas. I feel like I have a source of never ending inspiration and can literally get inspired by a piece of pasta (true story).

But because of this, the oh-so limiting hours in a day, and continuous self education around my business, clients and industry. I’m still not done with my site. And I never will be.

A website is a continuous project. As the internet changes, so do customer expectations and your website needs to cater for those needs (Think Google’s demands for SSL certificates and Mobilegeddon). You (hopefully) improve your company and services over time, and your website should be apart of that up keep. Remember it’s an investment. The more you put into it, the more you get out.

Websites take a lot of work, but if you make gradual improvements, you’ll stay up to date and won’t have to fork out a the cost for one large chunk of work. I know I’m a web developer, and essentially I build my website for “free”. But it’s still a big chunk of my time. Time I could have been working billable hours.

One Day At a Time

My site may have moved up to the next level but the work doesn’t end. I’ve got case study’s to add, resources to write, FAQ pages to build, and lots of other ideas.

I’ve got big plans. BIG PLANS!

But now, I’ve planned in my diary to do a little bit each day and all my ideas don’t seem so overwhelming anymore. I encourage you to do the same. Take one hour a day, week, month, whatever you feel is best, just to review your website and make incremental changes. That way you don’t look back in two years and think “WOW, my site looks shit”. BTW, two years in internet time = a decade in real life! The web moves fast (in case you hadn’t noticed).

I also wanna give a very special mention to Vanessa Lanham-Day. A fantastic business growth mentor and a very motivating, inspirational lady. She’s well known for delivering a butt-kicking to step up your business and it was on my butt-kicking call that she gave me the advice above which kicked me into action. Thank you Vanessa!

Onwards and Upwards

So there you have it folks, my new and completely unfinished website :) Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I really look forward to adding more helpful features and useful content over time. In the meantime, I’m going to have a well deserved lay in (thank you week long coding binge!) and enjoy what I have built so far.

I’ve taken my website to the next level. Are you gonna do that same?