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Hello, I'm Eloise...

Web Designer

& Developer

in Farnham, working across Surrey and Hampshire.

I’m here to add more zing & ker-ching to the web. And I don’t even need a superhero cape. As your go-to website expert, I look after the lot for you – so say “ta-ra” to the time and stress involved in sorting it out on your own.

Together we’re going to grow your business with an awesome website.

Why would you work with me?


I tell it like it is. Tying you up with fancy jargon or pretending something’s a nightmare to change when it’s easy as pie (or vice-versa) just isn’t my style. I’m honest & practical. (And prone to occasional sweary outbursts.)


I’ve been coding since I was pretty much a kid; and building websites for almost as long. Fully qualified in digital design, and with a host of happy clients and testimonials, you can trust me to know my stuff and do it well.

No Silly Prices

I get it. You don’t have a million-pound budget. Who does? My websites aren’t the cheapest, but they’re some of the best around. And if you’re a small business ready to make a splash, working with me is a very good choice to make.


It’s not that I don’t like templates… I just think you can do much better. Everything I build is built from scratch. You’ll never see “your” website duplicated by someone else. Which is a good feeling to have wouldn’t you say?

Who’s This Eloise Then?

Hands up who remembers MySpace? As well as giving music greats like the Arctic Monkeys and Lily Allen their chance at fame, it was the thing that got me into coding.

Realising I could pimp my MySpace profile with basic HTML and CSS codes got me hooked onto coding. Over time, my skills developed and I got bored of the MySpace profile template (everyone's looked the same) so ripped it out and built my own bespoke webpage on top of it. Before long I was using my skills to build websites for friends and family.

From those early days (I was only 12), it was clear website-building was what I was meant to do. And with my strong creative streak, I combined my love of design and coding to qualify with a degree in digital design. It was when studying that I met my true love - WordPress; we’ve been inseparable ever since.

You’re in the safest of hands when you work with me. Not only do I live & breathe digital design, I cut my teeth working with agencies before going freelance. So good client relations, planning and collaboration with other service providers are second-nature to me.

Work with me and let’s get to know each other better. >